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Open to the Public

Open for dining from 5.30pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

 Bookings Preferred - ph 07 578 7023

A la Carte Menu and the Bain Marie available every night.
We cater for groups of up to 220people.
Private Functions, Weddings, Birthdays
Live music Saturday nights

 The Club Restaurant Menu


Garlic Bread Baguette with garlic and herb butter                                                 $7

Shrimp Cocktail
resting on salad greens with club made seafood sauce                                         $15

served with dipping sauces
pork & prawns , chicken & cabbage, vegetables                                                    $14

pan seared in garlic butter  GF  or deep fried in old dark beer batter                         $20

ALSO AVAILABLE AS A MAIN MEAL                                                                   $30

Roast of the Day with your choice of Veges and Salad from the Bain- Marie                $25
Salmon Fillet GF
pan seared resting on balsamic glaze, drizzled with bernaaise sauce                         $30

Lamb Shank GF
Slowed cooked hind shank resting on creamy whipped potato mash
                                               drizzled with club made port wine demi glaze              $28

NZ Pork Belly GF
twice cooked pork belly resting on creamy kumara mash plum sauce & crackling           $27

Pan Seared Chicken GF
butterflied breast streaky bacon banana plum sauce
& chunky creamy mushroom sauce                                                                            $26

old dark battered or served pan fried  GF                                                                      $26

Porterhouse Steak GF
300gm prime steer with chunky creamy mushroom sauce                                             $ 30

Vegetable Plate v GF selction of veges & salad from Bain-marie                                     $20

See our specials board for more options

All Mains include vegetables & salads from our bain-marie & salad bar
Entres do not include vegetables and salads

DESSERTS All $13ea
all served with vanilla ice cream & freshly whipped cream

Lemon Meringue
slice of lemon meringue pie drizzled with lemon curd sauce

Club made pear & Ginger Pudding
warmed and drizzled with brandy caramel sauce

Club made Apple Crumble
Warmed mixed spice apples crunchy coconut & oat topping

Brandy Snaps
classic snaps filled with fresh whipped cream

Chocolate Mud Cake
warmed dark chocolate cake with chocolate sauce

white chocolate and raspberry

available for children 12years & under
All meals $10
All with a choice of veges and salad

Chicken Nuggets
6 chicken nuggets

Mini Hotdogs
3 Mini Hotdogs

Beer Battered Fish
Goujons of fish

Roast of the day

Ice cream Sundae  $8
two scoops of vanilla ice cream fresh whipped cream 100's & 1000's
choice of topping





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