Bistro will be open from 11.30am-7.30pm It will be table service only

There will be a staff person that will wait on your table and bring your meal and drink to you. 

You must have a meal (not just a bowl of fries) to be able to order a drink from the bar.

Every Sunday from Noon till 7pm Roast & Dessert $15.50






Check the Specials Board Daily

Specials are subject to change



Seafood Platter with battered Fish                                            17.00

Battered Fish & Chips                                                              14.00

Battered Fish & Salad                                                              15.00

Crumbed Fish & Chips                                                              11.50

Crumbed Fish & Salad                                                              12.00

Scallops, Chips & Salad                                                            23.00

Hot Chicken Salad                                                                    15.00

Steak Eggs & Chips                                                                  19.00

Steak Tomato & Chips                                                               19.00

Steak Eggs & Salad                                                                   20.00

Steak Eggs, Mushrooms & Chips                                                 21.00


Hamburger                                                                                  7.00

Chicken Burger                                                                            9.00

Club - Pattie, Bacon & Egg                                                            9.00

Citz - Steak, Bacon & Egg                                                             9.00

Fish Burger                                                                                  8.00

All Burgers have lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, beetroot, amyo & sauce.


Chips on the side                                                                          1.50

Side Salad                                                                                    2.00

Bowl of Chips                                                                                4.50


Spring Roll & Chips                                                                        5.50

Curry Roll & Chips                                                                         5.50

Battered Sausage & Chips                                                              4.50

Shrimp Cocktail                                                                           11.00

Seafood Cocktail shrimps, mussels & salmon                                  12.00

Wedges bacon, cheese & sour cream                                              11.00

Chicken Nuggets                                                                             8.00

Toasted Sandwiches

Steak & Onion                                                                                 5.50

Cheese, onion, tomato, ham or pineapple                                          4.50

2 fillings or 50c extra filling








Takeaways Available on Request

Corner of 13th Avenue and Cameron Road

Ph: 578 7023

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