We have a large active membership. We have a great range of facilities including our popular upstairs restaurant (with lift access) and a range of entertainment areas to enjoy.

With a range of activities during the year for the active and not so active and provide high quality service to all members. Our club is a place to meet new people, participate in events and enjoy the company of others with similar interests from the Bay of Plenty or further a field.

Our team welcomes you and are very happy to help you with your queries.

Executive 2023-2024
President:   M. (Mel) Turvey                                Email: president@tgacitz.co.nz
Senior Vice President: B. (Bruce) Heappey       Email: committee@tgacitz.co.nz
Junior Vice President: G. (Glenda) Chapman   Email: committee@tgacitz.co.nz
Committee:   G.E, (Pedro) Petersen, B (Barbara) Turley, L.(lynaire) Jamieson W.(Wiripo) Brown, P. (Phyllis) Spencer         Email: committee@tgacitz.co.nz  
General Manager: David Sly    email: gm@tgacitz.co.nz                   

Patrons:  G.G. (Gary) Armstrong and J.(Joy) Hodgkinson


Tauranga 1368 AM

Tauranga's home to music from the 1920's to the 1980s, and much, much more...