Entertainment Action Plan


Introduction:  An Entertainment Committee has been formed to undertake a review of the Clubs entertainment, which was presented to the full Executive when they met on the 25 January 2021.  The Review looked at the days and nights of entertainment, variety, cost and financial return to the Club. 


Currently we have some regular entertainment that is not generating enough food or beverage turnover to cover their costs, in particular the mid-week entertainment.  The need for mid-week entertainment has either changed or we provide to much and need to create demand.


The bulk of our live entertainment is Restaurant based, Wednesday through to Sunday.  Apart from a paid show the entertainment is free with the concept being that we will attract diners to the Restaurant that will also utilise the Bar.  The Restaurant is also available to the public.


Some passive changes have already been made to our mid-week entertainment with some more to be implemented in March.  Although we are looking to maintain current patronage of our existing entertainment, we are also looking for change to appeal to a wider membership base contrary to what we are doing now.  Most importantly for all Members, we need to ensure we are getting the appropriate return.


Mid-week Changes.  We are reducing some of our mid-week entertainment that is not generating enough revenue and looking to provide more options downstairs in the Artie Stewart Lounge or Club Bar area on a Friday/Saturday night or Sunday afternoons.  Apart from the below changes already in motion we intend to survey you, the Member, to find out what the majority of our Members want and we will endeavour to provide.  The survey will be available by email and hard copy in March


Wednesday Nights in the Restaurant.  The regular Wednesday Night entertainment was postponed at the end of last year for review in the New Year.  The entertainer requested one more night so that he could inform regular attenders.  Permission was granted, the word went out and they had a great night and our food and beverage operation was well patronised, but when it was four Wednesday nights a month we were losing money on a regular basis so we need to create demand to ensure desired events/entertainers remain on the calendar for the pleasure of our Members but to equally ensure they are self-funding and not at a cost to the general Membership.


Our regular Wednesday Night Entertainer Brendan Horan will return in March for one Wednesday night a month and if it is well supported and becomes financially viable it will increase to twice a month and so on.  Brendan might also be providing us with some entertainment in the Club Bar.


Karaoke is twice a week, Wednesday and Friday nights and similar to the above, not generating enough interest/sales to cover costs so Karaoke at the end of February will reduce to Friday Nights only but it will become a bit more upbeat.  At some stage a karaoke Competition will be organised and we are also looking at adding some difference towards the end of our traditional Karaoke night with our version of “Pub Choir” when everyone sings the same song at the same time.  Google “Pub Choir” and see what you think.


User Pays.  The bulk of the entertainment in the Restaurant is FREE.  The concept of course, like Membership Draws or Happy Hours, is that it drives our business and pays for itself but more often than not, that is not the case.  Since the postponement of regular Wednesday night entertainment in the Restaurant, I have been contacted by several disappointed Members but they all understood the need for Club activities, entertainment and promotions to be at least self-funding, be it through ticket sales or increased revenue.


Of no surprise, all of the conversations I had, the Members referred to the “water drinkers” who turn up to dance only and do not support the Club and all but one thought some form of charge should be applied and of course we do have Members that dine in the Restaurant with no interest whatsoever in the entertainment. 


So, to assist in preserving the bulk of our Restaurant entertainment for the pleasure of all, from the beginning of March on the nights there is free entertainment there will be a $10.00 Cover Charge imposed at the door for all attendees over the age of 18 and you will receive a $10.00 Discount Voucher.  The $10.00 Discount Voucher can be used as a discount off any main meal purchase.  


In simple terms, those that are there for the purpose of dinning will not be subject to the $10.00 Cover Charge.


Entertainment Survey.  It is going to be a year when we see change in the entertainment, promotions and events the Club provides to the benefit of the general Membership.  Entertainment has always been a moot point amongst Club Members as it has always attracted the most discussion and mainly negative.  Here is your opportunity to have your say.


That is why we strongly recommend that you participate in the Entertainment Survey.  Your Committee, where practical, wants to provide quality facilities and services for a greater majority of our Members instead of roughly the 15% we service now.  Member feedback is the most valuable tool a Club has to assist with growth and future sustainability.


Lee Davis.


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