President's thought for the week:

'The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.'


Welcome to our people for Clubs NZ National Conference from Wednesday 20th March to Sunday 24th March.  There will be in excess of 300 delegates and partners using the Club during this time.  We are hoping to give both the visitors and our members an enjoyable experience throughout the conference.


Members if you haven't seen a fellow member for a while or are concerned about them please contact the office who will pass on your concerns and check they are okay.

Get More Out Of Your Membership
Go to Clubs NZ Website then click on member market
to see all the benefits and discounts available to you the member

Events to look out for

Sunday 24th March

Country Music 1pm-4pm FREE ENTRY

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th April

7pm Karaoke competitions open to Club Members & Guests. Forms are at Reception.

Friday 26th April

ABBA Tribute Show Meal, Show & Transport $35 pp Tickets from Reception - SOLD OUT

FREE EVENT FOR ALL Active Seniors & Retirees Expo at Bay Park ASB Stadium 23rd & 24th March - Travel, Healthy Living, Clubs & Wine Tasting.

Saturday 4th May

Kevin Greaves & Midnite Special Band starting 7.30pm, Tickets $10 per person (Meal not included & please book a table)


Play the Joker

Every Wednesday night Jokers Wild - $2.00 per ticket must be here to win.  Enter as many times as you like.

The winner will pick a card, if the Joker is struck he or she win the jackpot $1000.00 or if a picture card $35.00 or number card $15.00.


Wednesday through to Saturday only $2.50 each way - starts at 3.30pm to late.

Car Parking

Please be aware that if you park your vehicle in front of the Shops behind our Club, during normal business hours, your vehicle stands the chance of being towed away.....
The Club car park is situated across the road from the Club.


Each purchase you make at the bar, you will receive 3% of the total purchase towards your loyalty points.  Loyalty points can be redeemed at the bars when you have accumulated enough points. Each point is equal to $1.00.

You need to be a financial member of Tauranga Citizens Club and have your membership card with you at all times.  Please have your club card ready to be swiped when you purchase your drinks.  Remember - NO CARD = NO POINTS.


This is placed in the foyer, can you please let the office know of any members who have passed away this year.


Members are invited to check out the 'Members Market' on the Clubs NZ website.  These are deals available only to Clubs NZ members who can produce their current membership cards.


Weekly Membership Draw

(Rules of the Membership Draw:  Total prize draw is $2600.00.  The draw starts at $200.00 and increases by $200.00 weekly until struck.  If the Draw is struck before 13 weeks, a new Draw will begin the following week.  To claim the prize, the member must be present at the time of the draw and present their current financial membership card).

Wednesday -  $1200.00
Thursday -  $400.00

The Leaner draw is the closest number to the first membership number drawn.  The cost is $1.00 per number, operates each Wednesday and Thursday.  You do not need to be here to win the leaner draw.  (You do need to be a current financial member).

You could be the lucky member who goes home a little richer.  Don't forget you must be here to win the main draw!  

Last weeks winner: 4088
Leaner winner: 4094

Last weeks winner: 1209
Leaner winner: 1188


Don't forget, if your Birthday falls during the week you can enter the draw to win $25 of Restaurant vouchers!  Drawn Friday nights, entry forms are at Reception.
Congratulations to our last weeks winner: Yvonne Prince


This Wednesday  - No Karaoke, Karaoke Friday behind the office.

Traditional Ballroom & Latin Dance

For information on Citz Club Dance Section, dance lessons & practice, please take away a precis' in the pocket on the left side of the jukebox upstairs.  The precis' also has contact details in it.


Specialises in all aspects of plastering 40+ years experience no job too small, call Dave today on 0277717312.


This is held every Friday 1.30pm - 3.30pm All welcome.  NO HOUSIE THIS FRIDAY 22ND MARCH.

Quiz Night

Tuesday 26th March 2019 - 7.00pm until approx 9.10pm (held fortnightly)
          $5.00 per person - Teams of 6
          All entry money is returned in prizes
          80 Question quiz and one picture round
           (four rounds of 20 questions)  Our Quiz Master Paul Goodall


  Open to the public
  Wednesday to Saturday nights from 5.30pm. 
  Come in and join us for a lovely meal and wonderful music. 
  Bookings recommended.
  Check out the Chef's Special Board


Wednesday  - 20th March - Back Porch

Thursday - 21st March - Che Orton

Friday 22nd March - CLOSED - Private Function

Saturday 23rd March - Emerald Brothers

Specials in the Restaurant

Check out Tony's 'Blackboard Specials' each week.

A la Carte Menu will still be available every night as well as the Bain Marie.


   Lunch - Monday to Sunday: 11.30am to 2.00pm
   Dinner - Monday to Tuesday: 5pm to 7.30pm
   Dinner - Wednesday to Saturday: 5pm - 8pm
   Dinner - Sunday 5pm - 7pm


Evan Silva & Silva Service

Sophisticated groove - Nat King Cole, Burt Bacharach, Bill Withers. A superb selection of golden soul and R&B hits that span from the 60's through to the present day.

Sunday 14th April 5pm (Doors open 4.30pm)

$15 each Tickets available from Reception



Travel Club - Saturday 27th April Bus leaves 8.30am from the Club home by 5pm - Firth Tower Museum Matamata, Te Aroha Club for lunch. $25.00 each. Name & money in pronto please.

Card Adjunct - Euchre on Tuesday nights at 7pm

                      - 500 on Thursday nights at 7pm & Friday 9.30am-Noon

8 Ball News

Special General Meeting Monday 15th April 6pm in the Conference Room. No play that night.


Tga Citizens Club, Emac Electrical, Repco Te-Puke, Chris Verryt Cars 10 Fifteenth Ave, Leaner 3 (8 Ball Members), 15th Ave Tyres & Suspension Centre, Aussie Butcher - Gate Pa Shopping Centre, Barclay Engravers 61 Maleme St, Hyalite Hydroponics.

Eight Ball members please remember to take glasses & empty bottles back to bar & return dinner plates to Bistro when finished, also clean your hands before resuming play.

Indoor Bowls

Monday night names in by 7pm games start at 7.15pm, please try to be early as possible so we can allocate you into a team.

Raffles will still be the same at 3 for a dollar.

If you have any spare fruit or vegetables etc they can be put on our raffle table.

This is open to all bowlers - good bowling.

Thursday afternoon names in by 1pm start at 1.15pm.

Outdoor Bowls

Citrus Tournament this optional four event is coming up on Saturday 4th May. Entry forms out soon - $80 per team - Get your team together.

Golf Section

24th March          Tokoroa               Come & join us at Waikato's 3rd largest town, which is surrounded by thousnads of acres of pine plantations. YES TOKOROA.                     

14th April            Omokoroa            All games start at 10am. ALL PLAYERS WELCOME.

12th May             Tirau

9th June              Morrinsville

14th July             Matamata BOC

18th August         Omanu BOC

15th September    Matamata

6th October          Te Puke

3rd November       Cambridge

1st December Matamata Christmas Tournament 10am closed to Tauranga Citz Club Golf Members only.

Please contact Kim 0274889976 if you are interested in joining.    

 Texas No Limit Holdem Poker

Every Thursday night new players welcome.

Play your 1st night for free.  If you have an interest in poker and have a basic knowledge of paker hands, we will explain the Texan Holdem format and show you the game!! Registration at 7.15pm games start at 7.30pm.

2019 Tournaments:

14th April - Bounty Tournament

18th June - Deep Stack Feeze out Tournament

4th August - Freeze out Tournament

22nd September - Bounty Tournament

Contact Ian 0220622949 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please look in the Events book for these events.

The Tauranga Citizens' Club is now on FACEBOOK - Like us and get regular updates about the Club.

MEMBERS:    It has been noted how well you, the Members, look after each other in the Club rooms and when crossing the road.  We thank you for this.  If you have any concerns about Health & Safety in the Club, or any other issues, please talk  to the Executive or Joanna our Manager.  But on a positive note we are also very receptive to any positive suggestions for the future.



- You must provide proof of membership of your own Club.  Each club will have its own individual entry requirements according to the club's rules, even if you are a member of another club you may be required to sign in.
- Under the law, clubs can only sell and supply alcohol to members of the club concerned, guests of a member of the club concerned and reciprocal visitors (members of another Clubs New Zealand member club).  Unless a club has been granted a condition on their licence, a person who is not a member of any club, who has been invited to the club by a reciprocal visitor will not be able to be sold or supplied alcohol while in the club.
- Your club must be a financial member of Clubs New Zealand.
- Check with the club beforehand about dress code, special rules or ticket-only events.
- If you pay frequent visits to another club, you may be required to join it.
- Those RSAs that are not members of Clubs New Zealand may not extend reciprocal visiting rights.
- Failure to observe the rules and by-laws of the club you are visiting may result in non-admission or removal from the premises.  In extreme cases, the withdrawal of visiting rights for either you or your entire club may result.
- Be aware that individual clubs have the right to control entry to their club, and despite reciprocal rights being in place, you may be denied entry to the club.
- Legal entry requirements in Australia may be different to New Zealand so check before visiting an overseas club.


The road from the car park across to the Club is getting dangerous at peak traffic time so we suggest you either cross at the traffic lights on the corner of Thirteenth Avenue and Cameron Road or cross at the corner of Christopher Street and Thirteenth Avenue where there is a refuge for your safety.


Each application is considered based on the type of cost and Member's circumstances, and at the discretion of the Welfare Committee.

Claims may include but not limited to:
Glasses/lenses - maximum $100
Ambulance fees
Medical/eye test for license
Some minor medical expenses/procedures (not general GP consultations) at the discretion of the Welfare Committee

Does not include:
Prescription costs
General GP consultation
Hearing Aids
House repairs/Maintenance



170 Thirteenth Ave, Tauranga
Phone/Fax:  07 578 7023
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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