- You must provide proof of membership of your own club. Each club will have its own individual entry requirements according to the clubs rules, even if you are a member of another club you may be required to sign in. (For the Tauranga Citizens Club; You must carry your membership card on you at all times while in the club, Guests and Visitors must ensure that they are carrying their visitor passes on them at all times while in the club)


- Under the law clubs can only sell and supply alcohol to members of the club concerned, guests of a member of the club concerned and reciprocal visitors (members of another Clubs New Zealand member club). Unless a club has been granted a condition on their licence, a person who is not a member of any club, who has been invited to the club by a reciprocal visitor will not be able to be sold or supplied alcohol while in the club.


- Your club must be a financial member of Clubs New Zealand


- Check with the club beforehand about dress code, special rules or ticket-only events (Tauranga Citizens Club Dress code includes; No Hats, or Beanies, No Dirty Work boots, No Gumboots, No Singlets, No Hoodies, No Hi Viz or Florescent Work Gear)


- If you pay frequent visits to another club, you may be required to join it


- Those RSAs that are not members of Clubs New Zealand Clubs may not extend reciprocal visiting rights


- Failure to observe the rules and by-laws of the club you are visiting may result in non-admission or removal from the premises. In extreme cases, the withdrawal of visiting rights for either you or your entire club may result


- Be aware that individual clubs have the right to control entry to their club, and despite reciprocal rights being in place, you may be denied entry to the club


- Legal entry requirements in Australia may be different to  New Zealand so check before visiting an overseas club (For the Tauranga Citizens Club; Australian Club member are unable to sign themselves in, you must be a member of a Clubs New Zealand Club or a guest of one to gain entry)



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